Our Story

Our brand will be a symbol of how to make better communities.

– Dr. Joseph Litton Gallego

Litton & Co., Inc. (Litton) is a pioneering homegrown company recognized for their role in the Philippine textile boom in the '50s leading to the '70s. The Litton legacy is built on becoming one of the Philippine's biggest fabric manufacturers. At the core of the Litton brand is the desire to improve the lives of people. This principle ran throughout its heritage. Today, as the company shifts its business from one basic need to another, this core belief holds more weight than ever. From clothing to shelter, Litton retains, upholds, and builds on its lifelong mission to keep redefining what makes for a better life for the benefit of many.

Our Brand

Upholding the Green Democracy

Litton believes that eco-friendly living is not, and should never be considered a privilege, but is instead a necessity for all. Thus, Litton opens Mandala Park's doors to welcome the underserved upper middle class and middle class segments to its promise of better living, a commitment to have more lives integrated with the merits of a sustainable eco-friendly lifestyle.

The Lifeweaver Prestige

Strands of Litton's expertise are weaved well into the overall tapestry of living espoused at Mandala Park. The strategic curation of green elements and the topnotch quality of amenities are proof of the authenticity, quality and prestige tied to the developer's name.

A City Haven Made to Honor Heritage

Before the widespread regentrification of parts of Mandaluyong, the city first served as a base of Litton's operations. As one of the early players who called the city home, Litton feels it is high time to reclaim its roots and give back to the land. Mandala Park is master-planned to blossom as an integrated mixed-use complex designed to be a contrast to the urban concrete jungle. With healthier buildings and environmentally-friendly features, Mandala Park completely turns over another side of the leaf that is Mandaluyong.

Eco-engineering from the Inside-out

Litton employed stringent methods in ensuring that Mandala Park is not just architecturally and design sound but also measures up to the green standard set by Mandaluyong and the EDGE Green Building code. Litton also took the living well concept to brand new heights with the curation of zones designed to enrich eight different dimensions of wellness. This brings occupants closer to the path of enlightenment and harmonious living.